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A Personalized Plan For Progress

A Personalized Plan For Progress

We want your transition to Kestra Financial to be as smooth as possible. Your dedicated transition consultant will develop a transition strategy with you, provide tools and training, and assist you with moving your book of business. With this solid strategy in place, you can reconnect with clients, offer new services and drive new business.

Steps For A Successful Transition

Your consultant will coordinate your communication with key specialists across the organization, and our team will work together to support all aspects of your transition.

1 Develop A Transition Strategy

Factors such as timing, compensation payments and client communication are taken into account as your transition team works with you to develop a comprehensive transition strategy.

2Inventory Your Business

By taking an inventory of your client accounts and noting any additional features your clients are using, you will be well-positioned to create a seamless client experience.

3Prepare Client Paperwork

Your transition team will train you on the paperwork required to move your business. Take advantage of our integrated technology solutions to populate the required paperwork.

4Business Processing

Once you’ve registered and obtained client signatures, Kestra Financial will complete the data entry required to establish all accounts, submit transfers and follow up through receipt of assets.


Take advantage of our robust training offerings to maximize your long-term success. With advisor- and staff-centric training, our goal is to get your firm back to business as usual as quickly as possible